The Learning Agreement sets out the programme of the studies or the traineeship to be followed abroad and must be approved by the student, the sending and the receiving institution, organisation or enterprise before the start of the exchange.


Learning Agreement form Student’s name Academic Year 20…/20… Trainee Last name(s) 3First name(s) Date of birth 1Nationality Sex [M/F] Study cycle2 Field of education Sending Institution Name Faculty/ Department Erasmus code4 (if applicable) Address Country Contact person name5; email; phone Receiving Address; Organisation /Enterprise

Before departure, students must: Send an email to the Erasmus Scientific Coordinator of the chosen department in Catania (please see the list in Contacts - right side of this page ) in order to get the pre-acceptance letter and the provisional training agreement (please use the forms below 2016-01-19 2018-11-28 associated learning outcomes as set out in the Learning Agreement. 10. The responsible person in the receiving organisation (supervisor) is responsible for signing the Learning Agreement, supervising the trainee during the traineeship and signing the Traineeship Certificate. 11. Scanned copies of signatures or digital signatures are recognised.

Erasmus traineeship agreement

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Stockholm University; Education; Go international; Go international; Are you interested in doing a traineeship abroad? As a student at Stockholm University you can apply to internships in order to do a traineeship, write an essay or collect data in a country that is included in the Erasmus programme. Traineeships Within the EU (Erasmus+): You can complete a traineeship at a company, organisation, or research and education centre in any Erasmus country outside Sweden. EU institutions or organisations that coordinates EU programmes are excluded. You yourself must find your traineeship position and contact the organisation in question. Aalborg University has applied for and been awarded with an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. This makes it possible for students at Aalborg University to go abroad in Europe for a traineeship and to apply for a grant.

Additional application rounds may be announced during the year. These will be published on the Erasmus traineeship website alongside the application forms. Contents Language assessment and online courses Mandatory language assessment Before starting your internship, you will conduct a mandatory test in the language you will use during your traineeship abroad.

Signed learning agreement for traineeship by the host organization (please fill in only the section before the mobility of the attached form – p. 1&2) Please send the required documents to the Office of the Erasmus and Study Abroad programs in the ABF Student Center, room 6205 ( ), no later than the 20th of each month.

The responsible person in the receiving organisation (supervisor) is responsible for signing the Learning Agreement, supervising the trainee during the traineeship and signing the Traineeship Certificate. 11.

Erasmus traineeship agreement

Within the Erasmus programme, students can receive a grant for participating in a traineeship at a company, organisation or university in Europe. Students may also use the grant to finance data collection for an independent project (e.g. Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis/degree project or doctoral thesis). You apply for the Erasmus traineeship grant

Erasmus traineeship agreement

If an additional document is necessary, the International Office can, upon request, issue a Traineeship Agreement (Convention de Stage). If you do a traineeship at a university, you may not register for any courses at that university.

Erasmus traineeship agreement

Erasmus offers students the opportunity to obtain a period of work  Accordingly, the above applies on the condition that you are located in the host country and participating in activities that have been agreed upon with the  The Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme enables students to carry out an you can ask for his/her help to fill in your Learning Agreement for Traineeship  Fill out Learning agreement for Traineeships and send it to the responsible contact person at the host institution for approval. Template of Erasmus+ Learning  The University of Catania accepts Erasmus+ Incoming Trainees Students (1st, 2 nd, 3rd cycle) both within Inter-institutional Erasmus+ Traineeship Agreements  Table B - Sending Institution. Please use only one of the following three boxes:10 . 1. The traineeship is embedded in the curriculum and upon satisfactory  a financial support from Erasmus+ EU funds combined with zero-grant.
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Erasmus traineeship agreement

Applying; Learning Agreement for Traineeships; Online language test; Reporting at the end of traineeship; Combined exchange studies and traineeship; Additional material. Traineeship info session 26.10; Well-known Estonian and Erasmus; Students' thoughts about All they have to do is to read and understand the Learning Agreement, issue a Letter of acceptance/Letter of invitation for you which you can apply for an Erasmus + Traineeship Scholarship with. In case of successful application the 3 party will sign the legally binding Learning Agreement for Traineeships. Traineeship Agreement form Student’s name Academic Year 2019/2020 Learning Agreement for Traineeships Traineeship Agreement / Trainee Last name(s) NationalityFirst name(s) Study cycleDate of birth 1 Sex [M/F] 2 Field of education3 ie. 1.1.1990 Sending Institution Zemědělská 1, Name Faculty/ Department Preferred Candidates: we prefer candidates who intend to apply for Erasmus Traineeship and who present the Learning Agreement for Traineeship (Erasmus +).

You cannot apply for a traineeship grant to do your degree project at a university that has an exchange agreement with Umeå University.
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Table A - Traineeship Programme at the Receiving Organisation/Enterprise GfNA-II.6-C-Annex -Erasmus+ HE Learning Agreement for traineeships 2016 

There are no specifications on the number of ECTS credits to be earned for voluntary traineeships. In the case of voluntary traineeships, please select the section voluntary traineeship in the Learning Agreement. 2. Erasmus Grant Agreement for Traineeship 3. Explanatory letter In the cover letter (in Swedish or English), explain why you want to apply for the scholarship, the connection between the traineeship and your education, how the traineeship will develop new knowledge and skills and how the traineeship will increase your employability. Your home institution and the receiving institution must have an inter-institutional agreement between them for you to study there with Erasmus+. Both institutions must also hold the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.