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Hello Ciarán, I would like to format a system message tha is being displayed when public users klick a restricted menu item. The system message is displayed in the vertical middel of the homepage and doesn't realy fit into the homepage design. I only found real complicated stuff on the net on how to adjust system messages. On the Joomla forum someb Thx for your reply 810 , but believe me disabling system messages completely in joomla is not good idea. Many other plugins or components sometimes use it to inform user what is going on. So this is definitely bad idea. I think it should be correctly programmed inside of kunena.

Joomla system-message-container

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Some templates don't have this container at all, or only if there is a message to show. It is shown in Joomla's system message container. Your system message container is either further down your page (move it upwards) or not present in your template. In case your template does not provide you with a way of adding this container you can add the following code somewhere on the top of your page in a template override. Let's say that I edit and save an article.

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ago #156273. It means that the system is not creating the order because something is missing. Please make sure that your template is able to display error messages: Then, turn on the "error reporting" and "debug mode" options of the Joomla configuration. Then, try getElementById(tplName), container = tplElem.

Minitek System Messages is a plugin that replaces the default Joomla system messages with pop-up notifications that don't obstruct the work flow and yet keep the user informed. Write a review. Works Beautifully! Paul Simpson (1).

Joomla system-message-container

Så känns det: som att oönskade tankar, tankemönster, hang-ups och negativa känslor mot mig själv och andra skakas ur mitt system.

Joomla system-message-container

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Joomla system-message-container

+ area + "-message"). remove (); var newmessages = jQuery (messages ). find ("div.alert, .message"). addClass (area + "-message"); if (! jQuery ("#system-message-container #system-message").
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Joomla system-message-container

Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla! name and logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries. The Home Ownership Resource Center (HORC) was founded in 1999 as a partnership of residents, lenders, businesses and local government.

The php file echoes a result ("Mail sent" or the content of an exception, with a try/catch structure).
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